Implementing the Internet of your Things


A closer look at the process to make your products smarter


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Here’s what you’ll need to turn your products into consumer experience platforms.

If you’re serious about consumer experience and product innovation, smart products present a pretty compelling vision.

The good news is that there’s a clear and logical process to make that vision real – and we’ve written a guide to tell you all about it.

Read ‘Implementing the Internet of your Things’ to find out:

  • What the process for living products looks like
  • The three steps needed to make your products smarter
  • What you’ll need to start delivering great experiences

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What is Smart Cosmos?

Smart Cosmos is the operating system for digitized products. It's the backbone of our solutions - so you can make every product smarter, do it securely and then use the data that's generated to transform your business.

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Turn your products into platforms for customer experience innovation. Deliver exclusive, dynamic interactions in the real world – at digital scale.

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