The smarter way to protect your wine and spirits brands

A totally new way for businesses to beat counterfeiters – and transform their customer experience.

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The global alcohol counterfeiting problem is huge. It hurts your brand, your customers and your profit. It’s your single biggest barrier to growth in the fastest-growing markets.

The problem: traditional solutions haven’t come close to cutting it.

In this free eBook, you’ll learn a totally new way to authenticate your alcohol products. It’s simple and inexpensive – and you can implement it almost instantly across all your bottles, in all your distilleries, vineyards and factories.

And brand protection is only the start.

This new tactic gives you the infrastructure to understand your operations and customers better than ever – and to deliver value for customers in whole new ways. Like delivering engaging content at the tap of a mobile.

This is brand protection for 21st-century alcohol businesses.

Don’t let counterfeiters slow your growth.

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